be inspired: the dream zen tarot card

“Nobody, whether it’s your current mate or some dreamed-of partner in the future, has any obligation to deliver your happiness on a platter – nor could they even if they wanted to. Real love comes not from trying to solve our neediness by depending on another but by developing our own inner richness and maturity. Then we have so much love to give that we naturally draw lovers towards us.” – Osho

sun in hands

give: a love relation/ship

How do we relate in a relationship? How do we take in a relationship? How do we give in a relationship? How do we love in a relationship? Four questions that we typically forget to ask while we are in romantic relationships. Sure, we may ask a million other questions that appear to be these questions, even with the exact same wording but do we really ask these questions to ourselves honestly and to each other honestly?

Which one is more important to us when we are scoping for a mate–what he or she can give or what we and us can take? Be honest. Perhaps, the reason why relationships are falling apart at an alarming rate is because we begin the search with the wrong preface. Maybe there should not even be a search for “the one.” What are we searching for when searching for this person? What do we expect this person to do for us? Give us some peace of mind that we are not alone? Give us some sun in our cloudy skies? Give us some love in our loveless hearts? Give, give, give while we take take take?

What do we offer in a relationship? Do we give that person some peace of mind that he or she is not alone? Give this person some sun in his or her cloudy sky? Give this person some love in his or her loveless heart? Give, give, give while the other take take take?

Is this a relationship? Are we even relating to one another? Or is this an exchange of loneliness? A search for vicarious love? A superficial filling up of empty chakra #4? Can sharing love even happen in this arrangement?

be inspired: hologram memory

holds all the keys
to the winding road of
her journey
travel down gravel
the hard old wood
splinter in skin
red gives in
to the beating
of organs
torn apart

jingles the keys
in a musical melody
sparkling a whole new
doors appear in his soliloquy
tempting him to open each

inserts key number 1
into door 1
logic serves him
well for it swings
to allow him
into surface superficiality
where conversation is safe

spends the night in 1’s purity
without knowing its insanity
boredom kicks in
and he curiously
opens door number

leads himself to
a place of no return
where atypical family issues
where quirks turn into flaws
where small burns turn into
house fires
enjoying the pain
he dances in the red rain
until he exposes
his warts
his faults
his insecure blanket
protecting him
hovering him
smothering him
and her

takes his chances with key 3
third door opens as
third eye emerges
terrifying him at first
until he saw how it works
mesmerized, he lies in the midst
of collapsing doors
from 1 to 3
entire house of cards
fall at his feet
the doors merely paper thin
in this galaxy we travel in

knew she for the key
was never at his fingertips
but at the depths of his
hologram memory
hologram memory
hologram memory


listen & love: i still love

by Gretchen Parlato featuring Alan Hampton
The Lost and Found

Even if you said goodbye
I still love
Even if a dream may die
I still love
Even when my life is through
I still love
No matter what you say or do
I still love

Even if it makes me cry
I still love
Even if I don’t know why
I still love
Even when things fall apart
I still love
Even if you break my heart
I still love

Even when I feel alone
I still love
Even if I had no home
I still love
Til my fears have gone away
I still love
Let it go and come what may
I still love

Through my joy and through my pain
I still love
Like the sun that follows rain
I still love
No beginning and no end
I still love
Love, so love comes back again
I still love

I still love
I still love
I still love
I still love
I still love
I still love


Big white Lotus Flower photo

be active: be brutally honest with self

be like a lotus flower in honest pursuits

We lie to ourselves a lot. We lie so much that we forget the lie. We begin to think it’s our reality yet it is really all an illusion. Perhaps, one could argue this disposition because it is the essence of our creation. However, there is a solution to this problem and that is honesty in all its loving brutality.

There are many places you can start with this exploration of unfiltered truth. You could begin with the parts that make you uncomfortable, the parts of you that you’ve chosen to hide in front of family, friends and mates, the parts of you that you’ve hidden from yourself over time. You could begin with the messages that have been played over and over again in the background taking control of your subconscious mind and pushing you towards the same actions and reactions over and over again. You could begin with facing the conditioning that took place since your childhood and see if your adult higher self really agree with these societal conditions. You could also begin by admitting to yourself that you are a mess, a beautiful mess.

Please know that this undertaking will involve tears, pain and hurt. It will also involve finding compassion, humbling self and creating the foundation of unconditional love. When one knows self really well and is completely honest with self, then that self can learn to heal the parts that are torn and accept the rest that will stay as scars. The self will be able present his or herself to others with honesty and the self will be able to accept others for who they really are without judgment because they will recognize wholeheartedly that no one is perfect but everyone is perfection in the Source’s eyes.

During this process, please do not forget the love. This is not a moment where you beat yourself up to a bloody pulp and leave yourself there to rot. This is a moment you have a gaping open wound which you may be able to heal quickly and save your life or take the plunge and die, allowing a rebirth to come to pass soon after. Either way, a beautiful awakening will breakthrough the illusion.