be active: consume less, share more

I used to tell people who would ask me if they should get A or B or C, to ask themselves if they truly need this in their lives today. The answer was 99.9% of the time “No” and they would proceed to put the item back. I even asked myself this on many occasions, sometimes listening to the honest answer and sometimes not.

In today’s age where advertising and marketing is in front of us whether we realize it or not, it is difficult for us to notice our materialistic ways and how much it affects our day to day lives and our value of ourselves and the world around us. Success has been skewed because of this phenomenon where, as singer Gotye states so well in his song, Eyes Wide Open, we think “to stop consuming is to stop being human.” In other words, that our human worth is based on the amount of objects that surround us–that it validates our human existence. The culture of business has gotten a hold of us and we are the best in keeping it going by consuming, consuming, consuming to cover up, cover up, cover up.

However, there is always a solution to a problem and with this problem, the solution is the easiest, hardest thing to do–consume less and share more. Instead of purchasing our problems away, share them with other humans, have honest conversations with ourselves and each other, create joyful moments together and play around with life–not with toys but with our God-given imaginations.

Can you imagine what the world would be like if this happened? Just try to. And then make it a reality, starting with you, starting with us.

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