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Source: The Knowledge of the Planets – Art by Cameron Gray @

I heard about mental alchemy here and there but I never paid attention to it closely until today while watching an episode of  What Would You Do? on the ABC Network.  From what I could hear in the video, his name is Dominic Giamo and he was compelled to help a Muslim man with his flat tire. He stood out simply by helping him since 99% of nearby pedestrians did not help him at all. However, he ended up standing out even further because of his wisdom and his kindness. When the Muslim man offered to pay him, he declined the money and said he can pay him in love; that is all he needs. The whole situation was staged by ABC to see what people would do in this situation, observing the pedestrians walk by the Muslim man through hidden cameras. The W.W.Y.D. crew was highly impressed with this young man and asked him why he stopped to help him with his flat tire. He said that he likes to help people and make their day a little easier, turning a negative into a positive. He also mentioned “mental alchemy,” which the young man had a symbol tattooed on his forearm, representing this ideology. Below is the video of this wonderful kindness:

Dominic made me curious about this term and what it means in general so with a simple Google search, I think I found the answer.

Mental Alchemy

Back in the Middle Ages alchemists sought to transform base metal into gold. They searched for an elusive substance, the philosopher’s stone, which would bring about this conversion, known as alchemy. But to initiates of the ancient mystery schools, alchemy was primarily an allegory for the real work of spiritual and mental alchemy.

Spiritual alchemy is the process of transforming a less evolved soul personality into a more refined one. The founders of all major religions have attempted to expedite this transformation by providing rules to help people achieve this goal and also lead happier and more productive lives. Enlightenment, illumination, the perfection of the soul all point to this ultimate goal. Mystics from all religions have studied the universal laws to speed up this process, which they believe occurs over many lifetimes.

Mental alchemy is the process of transmuting your thoughts to improve your life and expand your mind. The good news is that this discipline can produce immediate, beneficial results in your current life, in some cases instantly.

Mental alchemy involves the replacement of beliefs that are hindering your development with positive ones that will help you. You might say that sounds straightforward—why would this be so difficult?

It turns out it’s extremely difficult to change beliefs. There are three reasons for this:

1) Most people mistake their beliefs for the truth. Even if it’s not in their best interest, some people resign themselves to their fate because they mistakenly accept a belief as true.

2) Beliefs operate at the subconscious level. Most people are unaware of their subconscious beliefs, which are often in conflict with their conscious thoughts. For example, a woman may consciously be seeking love, but subconsciously she may feel she’s unworthy. Unless her belief is made conscious and transmuted, it will continue to sabotage her efforts. See our last newsletter Get Out of Jail Free: How to Identify Unconscious Beliefs.

3) You see what you believe. Less than 100 years ago physicists were trying to determine whether light was a wave or a particle. The answer depended on what you believed you would find. If you believed light was made of particles, then you could design an experiment that proved it. Conversely, if you believed light consisted of waves then you could design another experiment to prove that.

The placebo effect provides another example. In drug trials required to gain FDA approval, 40% of patients, on average, will obtain relief from placebos. They get better simply because they believe they will get better. Placebos have actually helped people with Parkinson’s disease.

The mystic principle behind these results is called the Law of Attraction or “like attracts like.” In the mystic world, and now in the world of quantum physics, we know that everything is energy. Everything has its own vibration, including a belief. People attract to themselves those experiences that match their existing belief system. They get to see what they believe.

So how does Mental Alchemy work?

Neurologists tell us the brain doesn’t know the difference between what’s actually experienced and what’s imagined to be experienced. The same electrical patterns are fired between the neurons in the brain. The electrical patterns in the brain reflect how we store and process information, including beliefs.

The ramification of this is profound: you can change your beliefs using your imagination. It doesn’t matter whether the belief is true or not.

Let’s take an example of a basketball player who misses the final shot of the state championship game and his team ends up losing by one point. This experience can be traumatic and will often reinforce negative beliefs that he’s a choker or a loser. Had he made the shot, he would be a hero and filled with the confidence of a winner.

Let’s say you are the basketball player. What should you do?

First, go to a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed for 10–15 minutes. Make sure that none of your objective senses (sight, hearing, smell, touch, taste) is being stimulated. Take a few deep breaths. Your goal is to relax and get into an alpha state. Scientists have shown that you can learn new skills much more readily while in this state. Meditation is ideal for this.

At this point, you should replay the end of the game in your mind. Only this time, when you take the final shot, do it with confidence and watch it go in. Visualize all the fans going wild as the buzzer sounds and your teammates carry you off the court. Involve all your senses and imagine how it feels to be the hero!

Michael Jordan is arguably the greatest basketball player of all time, but he probably missed just as many shots at the end of the game as he made. But you can be quite certain he didn’t dwell on the missed shots, but simply remembered the game-winning shots. You can do the same. Use the technique of Mental Alchemy and change your life. (Source)

Others were curious about his tattoo so I researched it and here is what I found:

Hermetic Seal of Light (Quintessence)

This symbol, often referred to as the synthesis of alchemy or the Hermetic Seal, hearkens back to ancient Pythagorean philosophy, wherein the square, circle, the and the triangle are the emblems of the material body, the soul, and the spirit, the three elements believed to be necessary for alchemical transformation.

Alchemically, these are Mercury, Salt, and Sulfur. In Atalanta Fugiens, the alchemical text illustrated below, it is written, “Make of man and woman a circle; thence a square; thence a triangle; form a circle, and you will have the Philosopher’s Stone,” a hidden geometrical formula for creating an octave and a golden rectangle.


I guess I can see how mental alchemy influenced the young man to take action the way he did. To learn more about the show, What Would You Do?, click HERE. To check out more amazing art by Cameron Gray, click HERE.

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48 thoughts on “learn & love: mental alchemy

  1. trainsignalscott says:

    I’m not a big TV watcher either and just happened to catch this episode of “What would you do?”. I too was super impressed with the young man, to the point where I did a search this evening and came across your post. His name was Dominic Giano, which is my best interpretation of how they pronounced his name and how it might be spelled. I will continue to search and will also comment elsewhere. Really, really cool.

    • Oh cool! Wasn’t he awesome? So inspiring and wise for his age. Thanks for the name. I am going to keep searching myself on this guy. I wish the whole world saw this one clip. Anyway, thanks for commenting and please feel free to come back to site at any time. :)

      • Suzy Q says:

        The exact same thing happened to me. I’m home sick from work today and I’m watching the same episode. I needed to hear this message today at this exact point in my life.

  2. I found your site because I was searching to find Dominic, quite the special young man. I even tweeted The Ellen Show the video because I would love to see her have him on her show. Thanks for posting more on Mental Alchemy, very enlightening actually. I keep saying “Mental Alchemy to the fullest” ever since I watched last night….now I need to start living it. Or at least fake it like a real charlatan. =)

    • Thanks for checking out my site and for commenting. That’s awesome that you contacted the Ellen Show. I hope she sees it and has him on her show. That would be Mental Alchemy to the fullest. lol And yup, if we all started to live it, can you imagine what the world would be like? It would be incredible. I guess in the meantime, we can fake it until we make it. lol

  3. I found your site because I was searching to find more about Dominic from WWYD. That young man was amazing and truly inspiring. I tweeted Ellen hoping she would have him on her show. But anyway, thanks for posting more about mental alchemy too. Ever since I watched last night, I keep saying “mental alchemy to the fullest. Now I need to start living it too. Or at least fake it like a charlatan. ;-)

  4. donna says:

    I too saw the show last night, googled it, and found your blog, (which I was impressed was posted so promptly by the way). I will put this up on my fb page in the hopes that others will see it, as the young man is really heart-warming, especially given his age. Mental alchemy reminds me of some of Tony Robbins’ philosophy. In any case, wherever its origins, whatever encourages unconditional love gets my vote! :) Thank you for this post.

    • Aww thank you for checking out my site and taking the time to comment. I really do appreciate it. And thanks for sharing it on your fb page. As soon as I saw this young man with his kind heart and wise words, I knew instantly that I had to share this with others. And I totally agree you–whatever encourages unconditional love gets my vote too, however it’s labeled.

  5. Bbsq says:

    I, too, found your site while trying to research Dominic. What an incredible guy! The world needs everyone to be like him. Sadly, people like him are so rare. :( I hope he does get more recognition because I haven’t seen anyone as young as him do anything like that! It just blows my mind. :) I hope we find out more information about Dominic.

    • Thanks for coming on my website. I hope you stick around and peruse other posts as well. It is sad that something that we all should be doing blows our minds but I hope that through his actions, we will be able to look at what we can do individually to be better human beings to ourselves and one another. Thanks again.

  6. laila says:

    he is amazing young man…he restored my faith in humanity. he actually has a youtube chanel. Leroyymccoyy..for those who tried to find him.

  7. beastofburden says:

    The tattoo that the young man had, does anyone know more info on it and what it is generally called?
    I too would love to see him on Ellen!

    • Hey thanks for checking out my blog and commenting. Unfortunately, I do not have any info on the actual tattoo. When I have time, I can try to research it for you. I’ve seen it before but I cannot remember where.

  8. Jennifer says:

    Hi there, I just wanted to let you know that I believe ‘Dominic Giamo’ isn’t his real name. The young man in the video has many videos on youtube and goes by the name of Leroy. Check him out, :) Trying to let alot of blogs who have written about him know,as alot of people are searching for Dominic Giamo when he doesn’t go under that name lol

  9. Reblogged this on A Grateful Man and commented:
    I highly recommend following the link to the YouTube video. What an amazing young man and mind-set. I just discovered Jolyn’s blog but based on this one post I like what I see and plan to explore it further.

  10. Kalinne says:

    Hi, I saw this guy from the WWYD show in a subtitled video on facebook, and I became very curious about him and his lifestyle. So I found your Blog looking for him, and I loved! It’s really, really nice! I’m from Brazil, it’s crazy don’t?! How could the act of this guy touch and influencing people around the world! And your Blog too, I will return to read, definitely!

    Sorry for the bad english! : )

    • Hi Kalinne! Thank you so much for checking out my site and taking the time out to comment. I really appreciate it. Also, your English is not bad at all. Much better than my Portuguese. lol This guy proves that one kind action can affect the world. And I hope you enjoy the rest of the blog! Much love to you. :)

  11. I found this video on Facebook about a week ago and had to share it. Only some have liked it. I’ve been living my life in a similar manner for a few years now. Seeing this made a change even deeper inside of me! It’s shown me that even the religion I believe (Christianity) has the majority of people that do not live this way, by choice. This upsets me beyond belief and my goal is now to change that! To me there is no discrimination no matter who you are as well. I am no one to judge anyone so I will love everyone unconditionally. I just hope that someday the world will get it and change! Thank you so much for the information! I think because of the info I’ll be getting the tattoo soon!

  12. Sebastián P. says:

    I found the video of this guy while reading a blog of amazing things of the world. It really shocked me in a good way what he said, his attitude, more than what he did, so i started searching about mental alchemy and stumbled across you blog, thank you very much for the info, i´m even planning on getting the same tattoo! Thanks, and greetings from Argentina!

  13. Jai Tpela says:

    Thank you very much, I’ve seen this symbol in my dreams, Amazing now I know what it is, I have a direction on where to start looking.

  14. Della WVU says:

    If anyone who loved to see him on WWYD would like to subscribe to his YouTube it is “Leroyy Mccoyy”. I have been subscribed for a while and I love him!!

  15. Marcela Vencovsky says:

    I was also inspired by Dominic Giamo. Saw it today on facebook. Looked him up on google and found your blog. Thanks for the information. Love it! I also shared it on facebook.

  16. IsabelvH says:

    I just saw this on youtube and it really got to me. Thanks for sharing all that extra info on mental alchemy. I just found my new tattoo and a whole new look on life :)

  17. Denise says:

    This episode was aired again today. I cried and became overwhelmed with hope after seeing this show. Dominic, if you are trading this please post your info or contact me, I want to learn from you, I need to thank you, you have changed my life.

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