give: how to help simone, a homeless woman who gave back cash

While searching for the video of the kind young man, Dominic who was featured on the ABC Network show, What Would You Do?, I found another amazing woman through the show’s website. She was featured in an episode a week prior. Her name is Simone and she is homeless. With the opportunity of gaining money from an abandoned checking deposit slip and a $50.00 bill (that was placed by the show as a social experiment to see if people would put it in the bank or in their pocket), she took the honest approach and went to the bank. Afterwards, the show’s crew found out that she is homeless and was so touched by her honesty that they gave her the $50.00. Since then, viewers have been wondering how they can donate money to Simone. The show has obliged to the demands by setting up a mailing address for all donations for this lovely woman. To learn more, you can read the article below which was posted on March 30, 2012 on ABC Network’s official website.

How to Help Simone: Homeless Woman Gave Back Cash
By ABC News
Mar 30, 2012 8:00am

“What Would You Do?” viewers were touched last week when they met Simone, 64, a homeless woman who gave back money she had found in front of a bank in Brooklyn, N.Y.

The money was attached to a deposit slip and a check, and had been planted in front of the bank as part of a “What Would You Do?” scenario. (Watch the scenario here.)

Simone, who sleeps in a shelter at night, walks two hours to a friend’s home every day for a hot meal.  For more than a decade, she had worked as a health care aide but now is unemployed.

After we revealed the “What Would You Do?” scenario to Simone, she told ABC News’ John Quinones that times are “very, very, very rough” but, she said, her mother taught her never to steal.

Following the broadcast, we received a number of messages from viewers asking how they could help Simone. Since then, we’ve set up a mailbox so that Simone can receive your donations and offers to help:

Simone c/o ABC News

2152 Ralph Avenue

Box No. 124

Brooklyn, N.Y. 11234


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