be inspired: the creator

The Creator
by Yashi Brown

I feel this deep longing for you
As if you’re not there
This space stretching from nowhere to nowhere
So wide and deep
In all directions and dimensions your circle of longing is spreading
Shaping and reshaping
Soft and so weak
Pliant and succumbing
I love you with this wrenching need
Don’t you feel it???
Can’t you see?
Of what I have no idea
The force of failure?
The force of greed?
The force of nature couldn’t compete
As if I have something to prove
Or disprove
But I am good!
I swear…I really am.
Pain go away, quit compounding and rebounding – let me get on with it
I guess this is a time for gratefulness, thankfulness
Bow down to the earthfulness
Everything is as it should be
Apparently so
I am okay
And will let go



be active: share your talent with the world

Just imagine.

What if Malcolm X held his tongue in fear of opposition? What if Langston Hughes never picked up a pen? What if Mother Theresa never believed in peace? What if Picasso stopped painting after his first piece? What if Michael Jackson was too scared to sing as a kid? What if Beethoven stopped composing after going deaf? What if Stevie Wonder never performed due to his blindness? What if Muhammad Ali told himself he wasn’t the greatest? What if Barack Obama believed there will never be an African-American president in his lifetime? What if Gandhi did not believe major change can happen from one person? What if? What if? What if? What if?

What is your contribution to the world? What is your present to the present? What is your signature on Earth? What would the world be like without your gifts? I bet I can tell you what it would be like–a little bit emptier, a little less colorful and a little less joyous.

Celebrate your greatness. Don’t be afraid of your inner God, your inner light, your inner truth. Bring it out for the world to see because the world needs it. You are here for a reason. You were meant to go through the ups and downs in your life to build character, to build strength against opposition. You were made with the most beautiful, unconditional love you can imagine, beyond your imagination and that is what you will return to when all is said is done so why let fear stop you? Let it motivate you. Let it remind you of the courage you have inside of you right now in this moment. This is the greatest action you can take on Earth.

Sure, your contribution may not make you famous or make millions know your name but your contribution will be felt throughout the world in ripples of love. Energy is cool like that. It does not have to be physically contained in a shell of a body to be felt by someone else. Allow your energy to soar to new positive heights and just see what effect you will have on yourself and the world around you when you share your talent.

Just imagine that and live it.