give: the gift that keeps on giving {the commentator award/reader appreciation award}

I am always surprised when I get a new award or nomination for an award. I hope I can keep up with them. Thank you to everyone who is reading and sending love to the project. I truly appreciate it. Okay, now onto business…

The first award is The Commentator Award which is a great way to show love to those that consistently comment on your blog. Thank you to the lovely and talented Boomie for this. Your blog, Boomie Bol, is wonderful and I think everyone should check it out.

I truly appreciate everyone who takes the time to write a comment on my blog so I am going to try to include as many commentators as possible.












I know I am forgetting some folks but please know that I appreciate ALL OF YOU. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!

Okay the next nomination is for the Reader Appreciation Award. Thanks to the wonderful blogger of My Coaching Project for nominating this blog. You can gain some personal development skills for FREE on the site so you should definitely check it out especially since there is no cost to it.

So according to the rules, I must list something I’ve been up to lately and nominate 6 other blogs so here it goes:

I have been writing poetry, songs and short stories and my 6 nominations are the following:







Again, thank you to everyone for all of your love and support of this little project!

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13 thoughts on “give: the gift that keeps on giving {the commentator award/reader appreciation award}

  1. Thank you so kindly for including my blog in this lovely list of nominees for the Commenter or Commentator Award (I’ve seen it written both ways :) ) and like you did here, I think I too will share as many commenters as I can. Like you! Thanks again dear heart, Gina

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