be active: embrace your shadow

It is easy to dismiss the negative side of you. It is easy to hide behind smiles. It is easy to brush it off and say that you are fine. However, when you do not face your shadow, you are diminishing your natural light and settling for artificial light. This type of light shuts off at a certain period of time and gives you a period of darkness that could’ve been avoided if you embraced your shadow earlier. Your shadow will always follow you so it should not be ignored, avoided and judged; it should be shown, embraced and loved. It is a part of who you are right now and it is perfectly okay. We all have our moments of sadness, pain, disappointment, confusion, frustration and fear. You should not be ashamed of it and you are never the only one. In fact, sharing your dark moments can be rewarding, inspiring others to do the same and freeing others from their own personal shame and guilt. Creative artists, musicians, writers have used their painful moments to create incredible masterpieces. As long as you embrace the shadow and not wallow in the pit of it, natural light has the opportunity to enter in and help heal your wounds and get you back up again. Your struggles of today are your rewards of tomorrow so don’t push the rewards by not embracing your struggles today!

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