be inspired: my top 10 favorite ‘be inspired’ posts of 2012

I decided to do something a little different this year. I decided to celebrate my 3 year anniversary (which will be on December 24th) with a little reminiscing.  For this week, I am going to post my top ten favorite posts of 2012 for each section. First up is the ‘be inspired’ section.

My Top 10 Favorite ‘be inspired’ Posts of 2012

1. cuts and bruises: I really enjoy the simplicity of it. It’s one of my shortest ‘be inspired’ posts but in my personal opinion, one of my strongest as well. READ HERE

2. osho on love: One quote can change your whole perspective. This quote did just that. Love is never bankrupt. It makes sense, right? But how many times are we afraid of “losing love”? This is a great reminder of love’s endless supply. READ HERE

3. the power of music: This beautiful story was captured so magically that I had to post it on my site. It truly shows the spiritual power of music. READ HERE

4. in metaphor: I was walking down the street one day and I saw this guy walking backwards. This metaphor popped in my head. I like it hence why it’s on this list. READ HERE

5. technicolor testimony: The creative writer in me is just happy I was able to sneak a poem in this section. That’s all. READ HERE

6. it couldn’t be done: It’s a poem by Edgar Guest with an image of Jack Johnson. Just look at it and it will all makes sense why I love this post so much. READ HERE

7. the red table talk: It’s one conversation I wish all families would have with each other. I think this world would be much better if everyone sat at the red table. READ HERE

8. true honors: I had to share this touching story. It truly speaks what this blog is all about–LOVE. READ HERE

9. bpk {backpack kids} = self-love: I will admit that I may be a little bias on this one. I truly have love for these guys. I got the chance to meet two of the founding members of bpk — Austin Brown and Tommy Parker and they are two down-to-earth, humble guys who truly exemplify their message of self-love and they are also incredibly talented. READ HERE

10. art uplifts and brightens north philly: What can I say? It’s something positive and artistic in my hometown. That is some local LOVE. READ HERE

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