listen & love: my top ten favorite ‘listen & love’ songs of 2012

To celebrate my 3 year anniversary (which will be on December 24th), I decided to post my top ten favorite posts of 2012 for each section. Second up is the ‘listen & love’ section.

My Top 10 Favorite ‘listen & love’ Songs of 2012

1. send one your love by stevie wonder: It’s Stevie Wonder. Do I really need to say anything more? LISTEN HERE

2. for real by amel larrieux: It is the perfect Sunday morning. So refreshing, so sunny, so nice. LISTEN HERE

3. i still love by gretchen parlato featuring alan hampton: Unconditional love is so beautiful when in an acoustic song. Such a lovely message with a nice breezy melody. LISTEN HERE

4. the stand by the floacist: The Stand is one of the most motivational songs I’ve heard in awhile. It will definitely have you stand up for yourself, your true self. LISTEN HERE

5. we all try by frank ocean: Self-acceptance is one of the cornerstones to self-love. This song allows us to not be so hard on ourselves and to know that we all try to the best us we can be in the moment. LISTEN HERE

6. one tribe by black eyed peas: This song is a great reminder that we are all one. The feel-good nature makes you believe that peace amongst us all is possible and it is VERY possible! LISTEN HERE

7. thank you by boyz ii men: Gratefulness never sounded so good. Thank you, Boyz II Men for singing this song. LISTEN HERE

8. never give up by robin thicke: The title pretty much sums up the purpose of the song but it definitely does not sum up the sound of it. I bet you never heard this timely message quite like this. LISTEN HERE

9. we’re almost there by michael jackson: This song came to me at the perfect time when I needed to hear it badly. Sometimes, we all need someone in our ear telling us to keep pushing on and that is exactly what this song did for me. LISTEN HERE

10. god is love by marvin gaye: This site is all for love. Therefore, this site is all for God. It’s my way of giving thanks for this life and for being able to manifest a little corner of love through words, songs, art and any other way I can possibly imagine in this project. So of course, this song had to be in my top ten list because the title is so poignant and it’s sung by one of my favorites, Marvin Gaye. LISTEN HERE

All of the songs in the “listen and love” section are songs that I listen to and love hence the title so it was hard to pick but there goes my top ten favorites for this year. If you would like to know my top 11 albums of 2012, then you can head on over to my Tumblr page HERE.

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