give: end of the year free music goodies

You know what the best gifts are this season? The ones that come after the 25th! From a music lover’s point of view, it is always awesome to listen to a great mixtape. Most of the time, I almost think it’s unfair because the music is too good to be free but I won’t complain too much. ;) Three talented artists recently released their free mixtapes and I wanted to share with you the goodies I found from Austin Brown, JoJo and Luke James so I hope you guys listen and love!

Austin Brown – Highway 85


Backpack Kids own, Austin Brown released a nice Christmas present with his first official full length LP, Highway 85. This mixtape, which features production and songwriting from Austin and his BPK crew Tommy Parker, Kelly Parker, and Scott Bruzenak, is a tasty smorgasbord of various sounds ranging from 60s pop to 90s hip hop that come together so seamlessly that you dive right into the layers with no problems at all.


JoJo – Agápē


JoJo is not simply a singer but a sanger. She shows off her vocal chops perfectly in her mixtape, Agápē whether she is proclaiming her love for Andre 3000, talking about going to the canyon or remaking a Joni Mitchell classic. Interwoven with funny personal interludes, the mixtape details her struggles and triumphs in the music industry and beyond in an honest and refreshing way, starting with the raw track, Back2thebeginningagain.


Luke James – Whispers In The Dark
With a Mo Better Blues backdrop, Luke James creates a grown and sexy vibe with his new mixtape, Whispers In the Dark. Produced mainly by New Age Rock Stars’ Danja, the New Orleans singer and songwriter delivers incredibly on this LP which fuses soul, R&B and jazz into one delectable treat.


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