learn & love: step out of your way for the new year


Tis the season to make New Year resolutions but oftentimes, we do not keep them pass the first week of January. How come? Well, perhaps, the goals are too lofty or too many or too unrealistic. Whatever the case may be, we usually go back to our old habits and submit the same resolutions for next year.

One of the greatest issues we have is that we step in our own way. We allow fear to enter into our lives and stop us from accomplishing our dreams. Then, we hide back in our comfort zones to be…well…comfortable. However, one must feel uncomfortable at some point in order to make a change in one’s life. It is not easy and it will take time. Resolutions will never be quick fixes (as much as we want them to be). We have to be patient with our actions and silent in our thoughts. We have to listen to our inner voice that guides us gently to our next step.

I happened to really get this recently with the release of my first poetry book, Narcissism, Notes & Niceties. The book’s release was not planned at all. In fact, I put together the free collection of poems on a whim. The feedback has been incredible. I received over 500 hits in one day (mainly thanks to the singer JoJo’s love for it.) At first, I was shocked and overwhelmed by it but then I realized that I stepped out of my own way and just allowed the moment to happen which created amazing results because typically, when we do this–the Universe works with us beautifully. This is a lesson that I am going to take with me for 2013 and I plan on keeping it all the way to end of the year.

With that said, I wish all of you the best year of your life! Let’s make it big!

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