give: lend a helping hand

cop helping man cross the street

So many of us are in desperate need of help and we all have the power to help another human being be a better person and through this action of guidance, it helps us evolve to become better people. Isn’t that awesome!? It’s like the gift that keeps on giving! If you sense a friend is feeling pretty low, call that person and make he or she laugh. If you see someone having difficulty crossing the street, offer your assistance. If you see an elderly person standing on a bus, let the rider sit in your seat. If someone appears to have issues expressing their emotions, let that person know that you are always there if he or she ever wants to talk. Engage. Communicate. Be aware of others. Be kind to others. Give of yourself as much as you can during this period. Love is needed on this planet and we have the power to give it and receive it through simple means like lending a helping hand for when we help another, we help ourselves.

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