listen & love: so much greater

So Much Greater
by Erik Rico
Higher Frequency

Let’s all try to become connected
Challenge our perspective
About this world we’ve come to know

Start small by smiling at your neighbor
A simple change in your behavior
Can plant the seeds of love to grow

This is a greater love
Heavens sent from up above
This is a greater love
Heaves sent from up above

We have the power to be what we wanna
We share the same breath of life so it’s time to do what’s right
We can’t continue to wait for the sky to open us before we show each other love
Before we show each other love


Said this is greater
than anything I’ve ever felt before
Said it is greater
(So much greater)

Makes me want to clap my hands, stomp my feet and tell the world about it

The kind of love that makes me love
A love that makes everything feel love
Spiritual not physical love
My greater love will stand the test of time
Believe it
Said you better believe it
Cause it’s a greater love
Than anything I’ve ever loved before

And when my time has come to pass (yeah)
All my earthly deeds are said and done
I’ll find my place of peace at last (yeah)
Now my soul can rest cause I have won
A greater love

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