learn & love: you deserve an honorable mate

African Queen

Remember our spiritual royalty

“I want a king. First, I have to be a queen.” I wrote this a while ago. It still remains true today. Of course, men, if you wish to share your life with a queen, you must be a king first. Of course, this also applies to those who are in same sex relationships. Ladies, if you are looking for a queen, be one first and gentlemen, if you are searching for a king, be one. In order to understand our spiritual royalty, we must love ourselves first. I mean that true love of self. I do not mean the facade of love that our egos stroke in insecure moments. I am talking about that true unconditional peaceful love that will never fade in any moment.

Lenon Honor speaks about this wonderfully in a recent video titled, You Are Deserving of an Honorable Man. Learn and love below:

To learn more about Lenon Honor, go to his official site HERE.

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