be inspired: dreams do come true, just ask singer Brandy & make up artist Beat Face Honey

Recently, I went to a wonderful concert with one of my favorite artists, Brandy in Philly. At the beginning of her show, she mentioned her make up artist, Beat Face Honey (real name: Tatiana Ward) and asked us if she did a fabulous job. Of course, we agreed with our cheers because her make up was fierce. Little did I know that Beat Face Honey was living out one of her biggest dreams in that moment. I found this touching story below on through Brandy’s official instagram page. It is a long story but it is so worth taking the time to read. It has inspired me and I hope it inspires you to believe again in your dreams.

Hi Necole! Being as though you are the best black celebrity blogger, I thought that perhaps I’d give it a try and see if you felt my story was news worthy. I’m truly a fan of your blog.

My name is Tatiana Ward. I’m a Philadelphia based professional makeup artist and beauty vlogger on YouTube. This past weekend I had the opportunity of a lifetime when my idol, Brandy Norwood asked me to do her makeup for a show she was having in Philadelphia. What makes this story so extraordinary is that I don’t have an agent. I’ve never done any celebrity makeup before and what was supposed to be a one time encounter turned into a 3 day whirlwind.

I spent the better part of my life being a vocalist. I’ve been signed and unsigned to a record label, in and out of studios and even made it to Hollywood week on American Idol. If you’ve ever been a singer, you know that Brandy is one of the greatest vocalists that our generation has. There isn’t a single talent that doesn’t recognize her as being one of the greats. As a teenager I stood out in the cold to get a signed copy of her “Full Moon” album and I spent countless hours in my room trying to duplicate every riff and run. I wondered if I’d ever be as good as her or have the chance to sing with her.

Five years ago, when I finally determined that music wasn’t going to take me to the places that I wanted to be, I had to decide what I was going to do with my life. I love faces and have always loved makeup. I figured, if I was going to anything other than music with my days, it was going to involve the beauty industry. So, I taught myself how to do makeup.

Five years later, I have a very successful channel on YouTube teaching girls, around the world how to put on makeup from start to finish. Because music is my first love, I often times will do looks that were inspired by my favorite artists. Naturally, when Brandy came out with the “Put It Down” video, I was all over it! She wore the most subtle and beautiful makeup and I was thrilled to duplicate the look and share it with my audience. Much to my surprise, Brandy reached out to me via Twitter saying that she was watching the video and she loved my work. I just about fell OVER! She began following me on both twitter and instagram as well.

A few weeks after our initial correspondence, Brandy came to Philadelphia to do an appearance at a nightclub where she’d be promoting her new album. I have a friend who is very close with her fiancé and he was so kind as to invite me to tag along. I don’t know who your heroes are Necole, but I’m sure that in your line of work, you have met some of them. You can relate to the indescribable feeling of someone you so admire knowing your name, your face, and respecting what it is that you do. That night, in that club, not only did I get to meet Brandy, she made me feel like SHE got to meet ME. Telling me that she loved my work and that she was so happy I was there. I asked her when I could do her makeup. She told me that next time she came to town, she would contact me. I said, “You promise?” and she said she promised. “Brandy, you know almost doesn’t count right?” I said. She replied with the smile of an angel, gave me a hug and was whisked away out the door. I had no doubt in my mind that she would keep her word.

I have a beautiful friend who has features that are very similar to Brandy’s. I began practicing my technique on her and working on the time in which I executed it. I had no idea when the next time would be that Brandy would be in town but my gut told me that I needed to be ready.

A few months later, I was notified that Brandy was coming into Philly for a concert . This was my chance. I began putting out feelers to my friend who is close with Ryan, Brandy’s fiancé but I heard nothing back. So two days before the show, I took matters into my own hands. I have 80,000 subscribers on my youtube channel. I made a video asking that they all hit up Brandy on her instagram and ask her to make my dreams come true. They did. In droves I watched people who I’d never met before go in so hard for me and my dreams. On her photos and my photos I kept seeing people mentioning me asking that she make my dreams come true. More than a few times I was brought to tears at the amount of love that my viewers had for me. I knew that there was no way Brandy hadn’t seen it.

A day went by and I didn’t hear anything. I started to wonder if it was going to happen at all. I started to wonder if I was good enough. I went to bed on Wednesday night and I prayed that God wake me up to something wonderful. He did☺ At 8:30 in the morning. I woke up and scrolled instagram like I always do. My hand to God, within minuets of my opening my eyes and looking at my phone, a notification came through, “Will you do my makeup for my show on Friday?”. I SCREAMED!!!!!!! I ran into my roommate’s bedroom and posted a picture of our faces as we read that small sentence she sent for the hundredth time. Brandy then tweeted me and said that she’d be honored to have me do her face and that she would be in touch. The local news caught wind of the story and asked if they could film she and I after I finished her makeup. It was all like a dream.

Raw footage from 6ABC

Friday came and I was notified on where I was to meet Brandy and what time to be there. When I got to her hotel, it was her best friend that greeted me. I was so very nervous. Shay acts as Brandy’s assistant but above anything, she is her friend. She greeted me warmly and told me to make myself comfortable in her hotel room. She took a phone call and told whoever was on the phone that she couldn’t really talk at the moment, “but when I call you back, we’ll pray on it. I think we need to pray on it”. I had no idea who she was talking to, but at that moment, my heart was put to rest and my nerves were eased. I was in good hands.

I set up my makeup and waited for Brandy while Shay and I talked and I increasingly felt more and more welcome. In no time at all, there was a knock at the door. Shay went to open the door and there was Brandy. No makeup, hair wrapped in a scarf that was tied in a cute little knot. She was wearing a sweat suite and holding her phone because she was clearly video taping it. “OMG! Its BeatFaceHoney!!!!”. She came and hugged me and told me that she was so glad that all of this happened and that I was here to do her makeup. So there we were. It was just the three of us. No bodyguards. No management. Not even her fiancé came with her.

I asked her what kind of makeup she wanted and she told me that she trusted me. She trusted that I would do an amazing job because my instagram and videos let her know that I do makeup exactly as she liked it to be done. We talked about so many things. Her skin was so beautiful and big brown eyes were full of a genuine kind of joy and her energy was that of a girl who was truly happy in her heart to be living a life that she loves. I was made to feel as though I belonged, I was welcome, and I was appreciated. About an hour later, I finished. She looked in the mirror and turned to me, “Do you know how talented you are? Do you know how many people I’ve met in Hollywood that can’t do what you’ve just done? You’ve made me look like ME. I still look like ME.” All I wanted to do was not embarrass myself and not let her down and not let the beautiful people who pushed so hard to get me in that hotel room down. I’d succeeded. 80,000 pounds just lifted off of my shoulders. “Will you come to the show and do touch up’s for me?” My heart STOPPED. I knew I’d go to the show but never thought Id be backstage! Let alone in her dressing room!

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