give: give yourself a gift of light

lightTo give a gift of light to yourself is the easiest way to turn a frown upside down. It can be an affirmation. It can be a thankful prayer. It can a piece of poetry. It can be a beautiful song. It can be a smile from a stranger. It can be a sunny day. It can a fulfilling healthy meal. The best part about this gift is the choices are endless! Just look around and there are tons, millions, gazillions gifts of light that you can take in right now in this moment.

Also, once you’ve received a gift of light, you can always share it. In fact, I wish to bring two gifts to you right now that has given my soul plenty of light. The first gift is an uplifting song by India Arie that truly reminds us who we really are in our essence, aptly titled “I Am Light” from her new album, Songversation (which I HIGHLY recommend by the way). The second gift is an affirmation that can truly change your life told by the powerful poet, Maya Angelou. I hope these gifts bless you the way they have bless me. :)

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5 thoughts on “give: give yourself a gift of light

  1. Beautiful! Thanks! I guess “light” is on a lot of people’s minds right now – I’ve read other people’s blogs on the subject, and it’s been my subject for my last 3 posts (and the 2 drafts that will be published tomorrow and Monday) – talk about synchronicity! Thanks for providing India.Arie’s song – I love her music but haven’t bought that cd yet. And, ooh, I love that entire interview with Oprah. Did you see Oprah’s interview with India last week? Fabulous! Looking forward to Part 2 this week!

    • Hi Kelly! Thanks for reading and responding. I will definitely check out your new posts on light. Unfortunately, I am not able to see the OWN channel because I do not have cable but I try to see as many snippets as possible online. I really love what her channel is sharing for the most part especially on Sundays. I look forward to the new snippets for part 2!

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