learn & love: the power of vulnerability

One does not have to be afraid of vulnerability for vulnerability is a human quality that exudes your true self with someone else. Some may say the other person is a reflection of you. Therefore, vulnerability is a way to express your true self to you. Think of it like a mirror of sorts.

By the way, I found a wonderful presentation by Dr. Brene Brown where she expresses the power of vulnerability. She inspired this post. I urge each of you who is reading this right now to view the video below. You never know… It could change your understanding of love and life and vulnerability.

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One thought on “learn & love: the power of vulnerability

  1. Reblogged this on Dani Lynn and commented:
    This is a long video but it’s enlightening, It’s done by a woman who was looking at life from a scientific perspective, not so much a spiritual one and what she discovered about people, and herself, in the process regarding our vulnerabilities.

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