be inspired: my top 5 favorite ‘be inspired’ posts of 2013

sunflower_beinspiredToday is the 4th Anniversary of The Jolyn Project and I wish to celebrate by highlighting my personal top 5 favorite posts from each section. Second up–the ‘be inspired’ section!

My Top 5 Favorite ‘be inspired’ Posts of 2013

1. Raise Your Words: It is amazing how a simple quote can completely blow your mind and change your perception. Jalāl ad-Dīn Muhammad Rūmī did just that with his wisdom.  READ HERE

2. Dreams Do Come True, Just Ask Singer Brandy & make up artist, Beatface Honey: There is nothing like a great inspirational story that puts a smile on your face. Entertainment blogger, Necole Bitchie shared a wonderful story about a struggling makeup artist who had the chance of a lifetime to use her skills on one of her favorite artists, Brandy, showing that dreams really do come true!  READ HERE

3. Sex, Love & Compassion: Osho has been a constant inspiration to my writing and I thought I was share exactly why in this post. When a man says “Sex is the seed, love is the flower, compassion is the fragrance,” you know he has some wisdom in him.  READ HERE

4. A Tear and A Smile: Speaking of an inspiration, Khalil Gibran is another amazing writer that wrote one of the best books ever in my humble opinion with The Prophet. A Tear and A Smile, written by Gibran, is a poem that grabbed me immediately when I read it and I just had to share it with as many people as possible. One of the themes of this year for me has been accepting and embracing the pain and hardship in life and this poem really highlights this point poignantly. READ HERE

5. Coming Out of Your Closet: Ash Beckham really changed my view of coming out of the closet and what that really means and how there is more than one closet to come out of in our lives. Brilliant speech that I really hope inspired you. READ HERE

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