learn & love: my top 5 ‘learn & love’ of 2013

sunflower_learnandloveToday is the 4th Anniversary of The Jolyn Project and I wish to celebrate by highlighting my personal top 5 favorite posts from each section. Last but not least up–the ‘learn & love’ section!

1. Rapper’s Advice: A little wordplay on Rapper’s Delight, this post highlights great advice from rappers. Unfortunately, rappers get underhanded in the mainstream despite their overwhelming influence on current culture. I absolutely enjoyed putting this together because I love showing wisdom from unexpected sources because it challenges people’s perceptions. READ HERE

2. 10 Lessons We Can Learn From Children: It seems like so many adults treat children as second class when in actuality, they are people too with thoughts, dreams and wisdom! We can learn so much from children if we just pay closer attention. These are just ten of the many lessons we can learn from the little ones in our lives. READ HERE

3. An Opinion Based On Observation: Originally, I wrote this short piece for an untitled project but I was so excited about it that I shared it early. I also figured I wasn’t the first one to write it so no biggie. ;)  READ HERE

4. Watercolor Philosophy: This is one of the few poetry posts this year and it matched with this year’s theme of acceptance and unconditional love. An interview with Lilou Mace and Panache Desai inspired the poem so I also included it in this post. I think this is when the theme started to come fruition for me and then it kept repeating itself this year thereafter and I think it will be a constant theme that I will be conscious of throughout my life–to be accepting and loving of through all the moments of life. It’s more than a theme. It’s a mission.  READ HERE

5. Be Responsible For Your Own Emotions: This post is perfect when you’re mad or upset by something or someone because it will check you like no other. I needed this advice when I wrote it and I still need it at times. (Yes sometimes I need my own damn blog for help. lol) I hope you favorite this post so you can refer back to it whenever you need to check yourself and remind yourself to be responsible for your own emotions. READ HERE

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