listen & love: my top 5 favorite ‘listen & love’ songs of 2013

sunflower_listenandloveToday is the 4th Anniversary of The Jolyn Project and I wish to celebrate by highlighting my personal top 5 favorite posts from each section. Third up–the ‘listen & love’ section!

My Top 5 Favorite ‘listen & love’ Songs of 2013

Honestly, I love all the songs in my listen and love section but if I had to pick my top 5, these tracks would be it for their lyrical content and their musical landscape whether it’s with some funk like Around The World by Nikka Costa or a raw acapella Talk To God with Dondada or a beautiful exploration of life and its funny ways in Cocaine 80s’ Lucid or the motivational Tupac-esque jam, Crooked Smile by J Cole or the otherworldly, dreamy Ice Moon by Sza. Below, I highlighted a lyric (or two) that really motivated me to post it on this site so without further adieu, please listen and love. :)

1. Around The World by Nikka Costa: “Love will always be your soldier” LISTEN HERE

2. Talk To God by Dondada: “How can I have faith in something I can’t see? / You can’t see oxygen but you believe you can breathe” LISTEN HERE

3. Lucid by Cocaine80s: “The demons that you’ve been dreaming up are angels under the pain” LISTEN HERE

4. Crooked Smile by J Cole: “No need to fix
what God already put his paint brush on” LISTEN HERE

5. Ice Moon by Sza: “I feel India in my bones/I can smell sunlight/I can feel the highline/Bless me/Gods bless me/Goddess of forbidden love/I am she”  LISTEN HERE

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