learn & love: the hard part about happy

yellow abstract

art by yours truly

Looking for happy? Relating to another for happy’s sake? Buying the latest to feel happy? Climbing the endless corporate ladder to reach happy? Reading someone’s unhappy to falsely gain happy?

Happiness is not a location, a person, a job, nor a thing. It is a state of mind but oh how we forget this very important fact. We can be happy at any moment, anyplace with anyone and anything if we ARE content within and we can be unhappy at any moment, anyplace with anyone and anything if we ARE miserable. The choice is up to us. Think about it. There are a lot of miserable rich people and there are a lot of happy poor people. Two people can be at the same place, going through the same thing and come away with two completely different perspectives–one pessimistic and one optimistic. The place and the action did not determine the results of the person’s emotions attached to it. The emotions were all the individual’s choice based on their “beingness.” Whenever we are in a sticky situation or a struggle of some sort, we usually ask “What are you going to do?” but the real question is “How do I wish to be in this moment?” If you wish to be happy, then start being happy. Sometimes, it is that simple but that’s the hardest part about it because we love to make our emotions complicated and that is okay. We are just enjoying our spectrum of colors and splashing them about on life’s canvas but if you desire one particular color like yellow? Then you have to focus on that color and paint with only shades of that color. It’s a choice. A hard choice sometimes but always a choice.

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