be inspired: honesty can inspire honesty

“A man has always wanted to lay me down, but never wanted to pick me up” – Eartha Kitt

There is nothing like honesty. The kind of honesty that is deep in the core of a person; that honesty that reveals the reasons behind a person’s thoughts, emotions, views of oneself and the world. Usually, this type of honesty tries to hide itself because the truth hurts but the truth also heals deep wounds. There is nothing more beautiful then to see someone living in their truth and to observe them expressing their truth no matter how gorgeous or how ugly that truth is for that person. When a person is capable of sharing his or her truth with another, it gives permission for the other to share their truth comfortably and safely. All of us have layers of life but a lot of us like to hide our layers, only showing the prettiest, the safest and sometimes, the blandest parts of ourselves.

One of the most captivating elements in art is its honesty. When one sees a painting that really resonates with him or her, it gives the viewer permission to feel those emotions that may have been buried. When one hears a song that really touches one’s soul, it gives the listener permission to capture a piece of oneself that may have been hidden from the world. When one reads a piece of poetry that sinks into the heart of the matter, it gives permission for the reader to dig deeper into oneself. When one sees a scene from a movie that is moving, it gives the watcher permission to notice the humanity in the characters, in oneself and those around him or her. Even when one witnesses an in-depth interview with an artist (or anyone for that matter), it gives one permission to speak their truth in the most honest way possible.

A great example of such an interview is one with Eartha Kitt and Terry Wogan in 1989. The way Ms. Kitt expresses the early years of her life and how it affected her is so bold, brilliant and beautiful. Her honesty can inspire humanity’s honesty if we all are willing to open and share our hidden truths and allow honesty to inspire our honesty.

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