give: a little reminder to give thanks


I’ve talked about gratitude so many times but it’s one of those topics that can repeat over and over because we forget the many blessings that surround us all the time. So I wish to do my little part and remind you to give thanks y’all!

You’re breathing? Give thanks.

You’re fed? Give thanks.

You’re able to drink clean water? Give thanks.

You’re housed somewhere? Give thanks.

You got a friend or two or more? Give thanks.

You have a child that loves you unconditionally? Give thanks.

You have a pet that loves you unconditionally? Give thanks.

You can smile today? Give thanks.

You can laugh today? Give thanks.

You can feel emotion period? Give thanks.

You had a rough day? Give thanks.

You cried today? Give thanks.

You were pissed? Give thanks.

You were angry, rude, insensitive? Give thanks.

You saw the sky today? Give thanks.

You felt nature move around you? Give thanks.

You’re able to walk? Give thanks.

You’re able to talk? Give thanks.

You’re able to use 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 senses today? Give thanks.

You understand what that 6th sense is? Give thanks. (lol)

You have the ability to learn something today? Give thanks.

You saw a beautiful person, place, bird, shoe, etc.? Give thanks.

You’re reading these words right now through your computer, tablet, phone? Give thanks.

You connected with someone (even if it’s just yourself)? Give thanks.

You had an amazing thought? Give thanks.

You had a cool idea? Give thanks.

You had a vivid vision? Give thanks.

You know somebody loves you? Give thanks.

You are co-creating your life today? Give thanks.

Give thanks. Give thanks. Give thanks.

Give thanks for your life, your power, your love, your potential, your passion, your confusion, your mess, your depth, your work in progress, your range of emotion, your blessings, your hardships, your lessons, your character, your very existence.

Give thanks. Give thanks. Give thanks.

For all of this is your life that the Universe/God/the Source/Buddha/Krishna/Muhammad/Jesus/Etc. trusted you to live and to create with your very own paintbrush so please remember to give thanks.




give: give, give, give.


Withhold that want to receive for a second and just

give, give, give.

Stop yourself from being right in the moment and just

give, give, give.

Pause your expectations for a minute and just

give, give, give.

Let go of petty arguments and disagreements and just

give, give, give.

Show love and respect and just

give, give, give.

Be kind love and just

give, give, give.



give: the jolyn project >> 2013 in review

Hello Readers,

Happy New Year! WordPress prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog. Check out what you helped create last year with your love and support! Thank you! :)

Here’s an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 32,000 times in 2013. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 12 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

Click here to see the complete report.


give: my top 5 favorite ‘give’ posts of 2013

sunflower_giveToday is the 4th Anniversary of The Jolyn Project and I wish to celebrate by highlighting my personal top 5 favorite posts from each section. First up–the ‘give’ section!

My Top 5 Favorite  ‘give’ Posts of 2013

1. give yourself a 2nd, 3rd and 4th chance: This is one of the shortest posts in the give section this year and I love it so much because the whole piece is a musical metaphor to the power of unconditional love and acceptance.  READ HERE

2. offer compassion, when one offers anger: I have to give some credit to the singer, Jhene Aiko for this one. Sometimes, I read her tumblr blog for inspiration because she always has amazing content. As I was checking it out one random day, I noticed a really dope quote from Thich Nhat Hanh (which is featured in the blog entry) and from there, I was inspired to write this post. READ HERE

3. give peace, think peace, act peace: Being apart of the Bloggers for Peace movement motivated me to write this and I am so proud to be apart of it and to consistently share the importance of peace with you guys. We all need reminders to be more peaceful in our actions and this was my way of reminding myself and others.  READ HERE

4. give meaning & value to your life and the life of others: Ever since I watched a wonderful documentary, Life In A Day, I’ve had this idea that life is like a movie and all the elements — the highs and the lows — are the makings of a great film that will be seen once one transitions to the after life. The mundane parts become interesting parts in human quirks and development; the drama becomes the parts that really grabs and touches the heart and the positive outcomes are the little happy endings that we all root for while watching a film. READ HERE

5. give yourself a gift of light: I wasn’t in a good place not too long before writing this piece but I made it a mission to find some positive things to lift my mood and the two videos that are featured were what got me through that low point. I figured that others may find happiness through these videos and then I thought it may be a good idea to describe what I did in hopes to help others who were in the same boat as me. READ HERE




Dear Readers,

I just want to say thank you soooooo much for reading and supporting The Jolyn Project. December 24th will mark the 4th Anniversary of this website! I am so fortunate for each and every single one of you who clicked on my little ol’ site this year and years past, to read my words, whether it was one post, one line, one word or many posts, many lines and many words. I used to wonder (and I still do at times) if people still read anything beyond a twitter update or a facebook status but you guys prove time and time again that yes, people still read and read lots! Thank you.

 Also, this year, I was able to make my dream come true 3 times through my poetry ebooks with the Life In Technicolor series and I am so thankful for all of you who supported, promoted and helped me through the whole experience. I look forward to adding more books and other items in the store for you all to enjoy for years to come!

All in all, your love and support keeps this project (and all the attached side projects) going for all this time. Trust me when I say that I am good at deleting a website and starting over but all of you guys inspire me to keep this up for as long as I possibly can so again, thank you, thank you, thank you!



Photo by Damir Sagolg / Reuters

give: offer compassion, when one offers anger

Photo by Damir Sagolg / Reuters

Photo by Damir Sagolj / Reuters

When another person makes you suffer, it is because he suffers deeply within himself, and his suffering is spilling over. He does not need punishment; he needs help. That’s the message he is sending.

—Thich Nhat Hanh

Everyone has a story. Everyone has a reason behind their actions. Everyone suffers to one degree or another. However, everyone reacts to suffering differently.

One may pray. One may cry. One may lash out. One may remain quiet. One may drink into oblivion. One may do everything I just listed and more. Whatever the case may be, we are all human and the most compassionate action to do when a person is reacting in anger towards us is to stop and understand their humanity in that moment. Realize that their actions towards us has nothing to do with us. We are all mirrors of each other so when we shout at another; we are really shouting at ourselves. If we are really centered in the moment, we could even offer advice, a hug, a smile, just some form of love because that person is truly screaming out for that. If we react to their reaction in the same way, we are allowing their suffering to mix with ours so easily that we end up in a puddle of negative energy that will further drag both of us down.

The other may take our compassion as condescension, sarcasm or some other negative emotion but there is no point to question the other’s perspective when you know your true intention. If compassion is your intention, compassion is what they’ll feel, even if it’s purely on a subconscious level that remains dormant on the conscious mind for hours, days, weeks, months or even years.

Always remember. You have a story too. You have reacted poorly in situations. You have suffered to one degree or another. Remember your humanity as well in the moment because that can be the important thread needed to show kindness, compassion and love in negative situations.


give: a special note to a special group of people


To all the wonderful people who actively follow their true passion:

Thank you. Thank you for showing others, like myself, that it is possible to follow your dreams and make them come true. Thank you for motivating others through not only your words but also through your actions. Thank you for keep pushing on even when the dream seem so far away. Thank you for being so committed to shining your light. I truly believe it is one of the greatest ways to show your faith in yourself and the Source (however you view it/him/her).

Your movements do not go unnoticed. We appreciate you and we love you, even if some of us react in jealousy, anger, hurt, pain or another negative emotion. Through the positive emotions, we are able to brighten the light inside of us, allow the world to feast their eyes on our beauty and to also reflect the potential in others. Through the negative emotions, we are able to see flaws within us and eventually have the capacity to change ourselves and turn our envy into empowerment. Either way, your energy sparks a greatness inside of us whether the light immediately turns on or slowly creeps into full brightness.

Thank you for your courage. Thank you for living your life for you. Thank you for sharing your experience with us.


Tunisia Jolyn


give: give yourself a gift of light

lightTo give a gift of light to yourself is the easiest way to turn a frown upside down. It can be an affirmation. It can be a thankful prayer. It can a piece of poetry. It can be a beautiful song. It can be a smile from a stranger. It can be a sunny day. It can a fulfilling healthy meal. The best part about this gift is the choices are endless! Just look around and there are tons, millions, gazillions gifts of light that you can take in right now in this moment.

Also, once you’ve received a gift of light, you can always share it. In fact, I wish to bring two gifts to you right now that has given my soul plenty of light. The first gift is an uplifting song by India Arie that truly reminds us who we really are in our essence, aptly titled “I Am Light” from her new album, Songversation (which I HIGHLY recommend by the way). The second gift is an affirmation that can truly change your life told by the powerful poet, Maya Angelou. I hope these gifts bless you the way they have bless me. :)


give: give meaning & value to your life and the life of others


Life is incredible. Just the way it is. Oh but how often we forget the beauty of the simple. We create this lie in our heads that tells us that in order for our lives to have meaning and value, it has to have a certain amount of action involved. This is especially true in America. We think in order to live life, we have to be ‘doing’ life all the time. Always on the go. Always going out. Always grinding. Always working. Always taking action. We forget that we are human beings, not human doings. We operate almost in a robotic fashion at times, thinking that as long as we are moving, we are living. This cannot be furthest from the truth.

Our life, right here, right now, as you are reading this, is perfect, unique, valuable and worthy of praise, meaning and depth. Your life is truly one of the most beautiful works of art created by God. To truly enjoy its magnificence, one must turn off the insecure ego and see the wonderful movie being laid out by you, for you, through you. You are the leading actor/actress, the director, the producer, the screenwriter, the costume designer, the set designer, the cinematographer, the cameraman, the casting director, the choreographer, the music supervisor, the art director and so much more. You create the movie’s flow from lighthearted to funny to moving to depressing to introspective to metaphoric to blatant to simple to complicated to touching. Your life IS incredible. If you don’t believe me, perhaps a wonderful film can help you view your life through this lens. One film I would suggest is Life In A Day. You can watch the trailer below and learn more about the film HERE.

Perhaps after you view this film, you can finally give yourself some credit. You are fine right where you are. Your life is beautiful right here, right now. No need to compare your life to others. No need to hold others on a pedestal because of what their lives appear to be in the moment. Even if your life seems messy from your viewpoint as an actress/actor, it is truly one of the most interesting, inspiring, introspective, delightful parts from your director’s view. No need to go to Hollywood. Your life is Oscar worthy without the red carpet, the fashion or the golden statue. So celebrate the fullness and richness of it all with your film and the millions and billions of other films being played out in real time right now because our lives collectively is one gigantic masterpiece.