learn & love: your fear is your secret prayer

None of us purposely say a prayer in hopes for something bad to happen to us. Some of us may say a prayer hoping for something bad to happen to someone else but that’s another post for another day. Nevertheless, we typically do not say, “God, please make this war go on for longer and make sure my mom gets really ill and make sure I lose my job in a really terrible way.” However, we project negativity onto ourselves when we live in fear. The fear becomes a hidden prayer that is not even conscious to our thoughts but is alive and well in our lives.

In order to lessen or even prevent certain unnecessary fears, we can become mindful of what we think, say and do. Awareness is key to quiet the fear and to stop the prayer from being sent. It takes time and patience to do this but once we are aware of our actions, our minds and our bodies, we will be able to conquer fear’s power and gain our own spiritual power back to its rightful owners–us.