give: sites that bring insight and light

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Oh a wonderful web we weave when inspiration becomes the focus for a blogger. Since I’ve started this website, I have come across so many inspirational quotes, music, messages, videos and websites. Oftentimes, I try to share this inspiration with you as soon as I get it but there have been some golden nuggets I’ve kept to myself. So with that said, I wanted to stop being selfish with my golden nuggets a.k.a. wonderful websites and actually share them with you. One golden nugget is a collage of pictures, videos and quotes that provoke thought, truth and guidance. Another nugget is an extremely simplistic look at ways to change for the better and the last golden nugget is a collection of quotes with coinciding images that simply makes you smile.

WE ARE ALL MASTERS is the titled statement of Donte Jackson’s blog which features an array of sights, sounds and ideas that challenge our thoughts, beliefs and ideologies. The tumblr site has been an expansion of his messages that he sent and continues to send through his twitter account where followers have been enjoying his wisdom for years. I, too, was and still am one of those people, so much so that I even wrote about it a little over a year ago. To check out the site and all its wisdom, go HERE.

Leo Babauta’s lovely creation, Zen Habits has been a source of inspiration from day one. Throughout its metamorphosis over the years, the fundamental point of its content has always remained the same–to share the many simple ways we can all change our negative habits for the positive. The website now reflects that message through its minimalistic layout and focuses strictly on the content for their over 240,000 readers. I have referred to this site a few times on the project HERE and HERE. To read more from Leo and others on Zen Habits, go HERE.

Well the site’s title pretty much speaks for itself, Please Smile Beautiful uplifts and encourages its readers with quirky and cute images that include art, photography and typography with quotes and messages that are meant to make you simply smile and light up with joy. This website has been a new addition to my group of go-to sites. I’ve included a few of their images on this site and on my facebook account as well. To smile for awhile, go here, beautiful. ;)

If you recommend any sites that bring insight and light, please feel free to tell me all about it in the comments section below. I am always open and welcoming to people who are trying to share the truth and love in creative ways and who knows? You may be featured on this site in the near future!