give: my top 10 favorite ‘give’ posts of 2012


On the eve of my 3rd year anniversary, I present to you my last top 10 favorite posts of 2012 for the ‘give’ section.

My Top 10 Favorite ‘give’ Posts of 2012

1. a little patience: It’s one of the few poetic posts in this section. This poem serves as a nice reminder to me and I’m assuming some of my readers that waiting is okay. It makes the prize that much more sweeter. READ HERE

2. a healthy new experience with food:  New stuff is cool especially if the new stuff is good and the new stuff is food so I recommend that everyone tries a new healthy food because it may be damn good. READ HERE

3. a little attention, a little affection: Perhaps, I’m feeling a little romantic today but I truly love this sweet poem. I wrote it on Valentine’s Day because I always felt like that day shouldn’t be the only one where a full out expression of your love is put on display. In fact, I would avoid that day because it’s expected. The unexpected servings of love are always extra special, in my humble opinion. READ HERE

4. a love relation/ship: This post was the first of a series of posts that explore love relationships. As I mentioned before, my whole view of relationships changed and I began to see that a true relationship is about relating to one another, not giving and taking from each other. It has to be a sharing of each other’s individual love not a hope to fill each other’s voids of love. So this was just the beginning of me picking this topic apart. I’m still exploring and learning and I’m sure my view may shift over time but right now, I stay true to those words. READ HERE

5. a little happiness, a little joy, a little laughter: I just realized that I wrote more poems than I thought. I like the posts about the little ways we can give to each other that costs no money at all, that doesn’t require too much time nor energy. Just a simple way to give love to another human being. This is one of those posts. READ HERE

6. a little space, a little time, a little freedom: Sometimes, we just need some time to ourselves. I love it personally, maybe more than the average but hey that’s me. lol READ HERE

7. a hug can go a long way: There is nothing like a nice warm hug. I send hugs to all my wonderful readers right now. I love you guys a lot. Thank you. (I’ll be saying this again) READ HERE

8. a flower to a stranger: A piece of beautiful nature can spark a love inside that another thought died. READ HERE

9. shop less, give more this holiday season: There is a lot of noise during the holidays. People buzzing by. Cars honking. Cash registers ringing. Scuffling of feet rushing to the latest. Christmas carols. All of this noise makes people forget what’s truly important for the holidays and that’s a free bit of love. READ HERE

10. I have to say a big THANK YOU to YOU: Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you and again, THANK YOU! It has been an incredible year. I thank everyone who has ever read anything on this site. I am so grateful for the love and support from you guys. You have no idea how much it truly means. I can only say it in but so many words. READ HERE

learn & love: my top 10 favorite ‘learn & love’ posts of 2012

For my 3rd year anniversary, I decided to look back at my posts from 2012 and find my favorite posts from this year. Today, I am posting my favorite posts from the ‘learn & love’ section.

My Top 10 Favorite ‘learn & love’ Posts of 2012

1. truth vs. perception of truth: This is how my brain works. I am always questioning my and others’ truth and trying to find answers somewhere in there. I love to challenge my thoughts and other people’s thoughts as well. It’s a great way to remain humble and make you think for yourself. READ HERE

2. what is true power?: Inspired by a line in Kanye West’s song Power, I explored the meaning of true power from the spiritual perspective and the ego’s perspective.  READ HERE

3. an unplugged interlude: Lauryn Hill, along with a few other sources, changed my view on what is really a relationship and influenced my writing on romantic relationships thereafter. Sometimes, all it takes is one interlude to change a person’s mind.  READ HERE

4. get out of your comfort zone: Fear can stop us in our tracks and we settle in our cocoons. One way to see ourselves in full is by going outside of our safe havens and exploring the other. READ HERE

5. heal the kids {speech by MJ}: I learned about this speech post-June 25th. It is one of the most beautiful and honest speeches I have ever heard and sadly, so many people have no clue about it. It truly shows his heart and what he was really about–L.O.V.E.  READ HERE

6. let’s bring some TLC to our words: I heard two people arguing. I then read something about being careful with your words because you never know if they’ll be the last ones to that person. Both incidents inspired this post. READ HERE

7. mate, a person or a possession?: As I said earlier, there were a number of elements that influenced my current view of romantic relationships. I am still a student in it so I will probably learn more about this subject and change my perspective perhaps or it will reinforce my current position. Either way, I do think that many of us treat our mates or potential mates as a prized possession instead of a human being with flaws. That’s where crazy expectations come from in my humble opinion but what do I know? ;)  READ HERE

8.  everything is in your favor: I am going to be frank. I don’t believe in hell nor a devil. So with that in mind, I do think the moments that appear to be negative are actually positive in nature because every single moment is aligned with God which means it is helping us even when it hurts, reminding us what unconditional love is all about in this realm. To sum it up, every single moment is in our favor. READ HERE

9. don’t hate it, be motivated: Someone seems to be doing better than you? It is so easy to hate on that person but why do that? You can learn from that person and gain motivation. It’s nice to come from this place. Envy is not cute. READ HERE

10.  accept or leave: I think almost every person went into a relationship wanting to change their mate. However, none of us can change another person if that person is not willing nor wanting to change him or herself. We either have to accept that person for who he or she is or leave that person. I had to learn that lesson and honestly, I will probably have to learn it again in the future. READ HERE

I’m almost done with all my favorites! The last but definitely not least favorites are from the ‘give’ section. They’ll be coming up very soon. :)

learn & love: positive relationships DO exist

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