give: great resources to learn the metaphysics of you

Through my ongoing spiritual research, I’ve come across many websites that were helpful in learning about me metaphysically. In other words, I gained some truth about who I am based on my astrology and my numerology. I wanted to share these websites with you in case you are curious about why you are the way you are. You may discover many things about yourself and begin to understand the inner workings of you. And the best part? It’s all FREE. We like that word free right?  I know I do. Below are the excellent websites. Enjoy!

Basic Information
What is astrology?: If you are thinking that astrology is only the short horoscopes in your local newspaper that are usually so off base to your reality, then you are totally missing out on the true nature of astrology. A great resource to gain some basic background information is Wikipedia. You can read on what exactly is astrology, its history and its relationship to science and astronomy HERE. To learn about the astrological signs specifically, please click HERE.

What is numerology?: Again, Wikipedia is the place to be to gain the background information on numerology. The website also provides the basic math behind numerology. Click HERE to learn about the basics of numerology in depth.


Birth Chart (Extended): If you want a full extensive birth chart, then Cafe Astrology is the best place for you. It provides a free and accurate chart that is 15 pages long. It is best to find out your birth time to make the results more accurate but you can click the ‘time unknown’ option if you do not know your birth time. Begin finding out your personal astrological birth chart HERE.

Birth Chart (Short): If you do not have the patience to read a 15 page report but still want an extremely accurate birth chart, then Astrolabe is a great site. It provides a tight, detailed three page report that gets straight to the point. Even if you do the extended report, I would recommend doing this report as well for a full, well-rounded birth chart. Click HERE to get started!

General Astrology and Weekly Horoscopes: is an excellent, sensible site for those of you interested in general astrology. It is easy to read and  is written in plain English without all of the astronomical jargon. You can also receive great and pretty accurate weekly horoscopes too. Check out Barry and his astrology HERE.

Daily, Weekly, Yearly Horoscopes: Believe it or not,’s Shine Horoscope website is not bad, especially the yearly horoscopes. They are typically accurate and provide some good general information. The daily horoscopes may be shaky but hey, it’s hard to be accurate everyday. However, I would highly recommend reading the yearly horoscope, the love & relationships horoscope and career & finance horoscope. You may be surprise with the results. Take a look for yourself HERE.


Numerology Report (Extended): Again, Cafe Astrology is the place to be if you want a full extended numerology report. It gives your life path number, lucky number, soul number and much more. It also provides information on certain letters in your name. Crazy cool right? Try it out HERE. You’ll be amaze you are getting all of this information for FREE.

Numerology Report (Short): Vision Impressions provides a simple and basic numerology report that may be good for those of you who are just beginning to learn about numerology. With the life path, destiny and soul urge numbers, you will be able to get a decent overview of your numerical chart. Find out what numbers define you HERE.

All About The Destiny Number: Once you’ve received your numerology report from one of the websites above, find your destiny number and then go to Creative Numerology for an excellent, in depth analysis of that number. You will be amazed on the accuracy of this report. Find out about your destiny number HERE.

Of course, if you know some additional great resources, please feel free to share them in the comments section below. This is all about giving after all. :)