be active: create something out of nothing


There is nothing more magical than the moment when a person and God, Allah, Buddha, Krishna, Universe, Angels, Archangels, Ancestors, the Source work together to create something out of nothing. And if you pay close attention, you’re creating all the time–moments, memories, minutes, etc. as well as art, film, stories, paintings, etc. So this action is something you always do and don’t even realize. However, if you are not happy with what you have been creating energy wise lately, then maybe you could channel energy differently by creating something you would be happy with like a loving phone call to a friend, or a silly text message to a mate, or a random night out by yourself or a song or a drawing or a poetry book, etc. Whatever it is, be totally in the moment while creating and be proud of yourself at the creation once finished. You made that. You are that damn powerful to create that. Be in awe of it and own it completely. Rejoice in it. Allow the energy to lighten your heavy heart. Be moved by it. Celebrate it. Be thankful for the trust God had in you to co-create this masterpiece.


learn & love: the power of vulnerability

One does not have to be afraid of vulnerability for vulnerability is a human quality that exudes your true self with someone else. Some may say the other person is a reflection of you. Therefore, vulnerability is a way to express your true self to you. Think of it like a mirror of sorts.

By the way, I found a wonderful presentation by Dr. Brene Brown where she expresses the power of vulnerability. She inspired this post. I urge each of you who is reading this right now to view the video below. You never know… It could change your understanding of love and life and vulnerability.


learn & love: my top 10 favorite ‘learn & love’ posts of 2012

For my 3rd year anniversary, I decided to look back at my posts from 2012 and find my favorite posts from this year. Today, I am posting my favorite posts from the ‘learn & love’ section.

My Top 10 Favorite ‘learn & love’ Posts of 2012

1. truth vs. perception of truth: This is how my brain works. I am always questioning my and others’ truth and trying to find answers somewhere in there. I love to challenge my thoughts and other people’s thoughts as well. It’s a great way to remain humble and make you think for yourself. READ HERE

2. what is true power?: Inspired by a line in Kanye West’s song Power, I explored the meaning of true power from the spiritual perspective and the ego’s perspective.  READ HERE

3. an unplugged interlude: Lauryn Hill, along with a few other sources, changed my view on what is really a relationship and influenced my writing on romantic relationships thereafter. Sometimes, all it takes is one interlude to change a person’s mind.  READ HERE

4. get out of your comfort zone: Fear can stop us in our tracks and we settle in our cocoons. One way to see ourselves in full is by going outside of our safe havens and exploring the other. READ HERE

5. heal the kids {speech by MJ}: I learned about this speech post-June 25th. It is one of the most beautiful and honest speeches I have ever heard and sadly, so many people have no clue about it. It truly shows his heart and what he was really about–L.O.V.E.  READ HERE

6. let’s bring some TLC to our words: I heard two people arguing. I then read something about being careful with your words because you never know if they’ll be the last ones to that person. Both incidents inspired this post. READ HERE

7. mate, a person or a possession?: As I said earlier, there were a number of elements that influenced my current view of romantic relationships. I am still a student in it so I will probably learn more about this subject and change my perspective perhaps or it will reinforce my current position. Either way, I do think that many of us treat our mates or potential mates as a prized possession instead of a human being with flaws. That’s where crazy expectations come from in my humble opinion but what do I know? ;)  READ HERE

8.  everything is in your favor: I am going to be frank. I don’t believe in hell nor a devil. So with that in mind, I do think the moments that appear to be negative are actually positive in nature because every single moment is aligned with God which means it is helping us even when it hurts, reminding us what unconditional love is all about in this realm. To sum it up, every single moment is in our favor. READ HERE

9. don’t hate it, be motivated: Someone seems to be doing better than you? It is so easy to hate on that person but why do that? You can learn from that person and gain motivation. It’s nice to come from this place. Envy is not cute. READ HERE

10.  accept or leave: I think almost every person went into a relationship wanting to change their mate. However, none of us can change another person if that person is not willing nor wanting to change him or herself. We either have to accept that person for who he or she is or leave that person. I had to learn that lesson and honestly, I will probably have to learn it again in the future. READ HERE

I’m almost done with all my favorites! The last but definitely not least favorites are from the ‘give’ section. They’ll be coming up very soon. :)

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be active: my top 10 favorite ‘be active’ posts of 2012

SunflowerHead (1024x630)As I’ve stated in previous posts, The Jolyn Project’s 3 year anniversary is coming up and I am celebrating it by sharing my top ten favorite posts from each section. Today, it is all about the ‘be active’ section.

My Top 10 Favorite ‘be active’ Posts of 2012

1. meet a stranger, make a friend: Oh how we forget that strangers are only strange to us if we allow them to be in our lives. Typically, we do not really think twice about meeting new people as kids but as we grow up, we become jaded adults, always guarded, always afraid. Perhaps, if there were huge containers of colorful balls everywhere around the world, this world would be a much more friendlier place. If this sounds crazy to you, then perhaps you’ll get it after reading the post.  READ HERE

2. have a real conversation with someone: In the world of iPhones, iPads and internet, there is a distance between each other but yet a bridge to each other. In this strange dichotomy of communication, conversations appear real but somewhere in the inter-webs, the connection seems to get lost. Having real conversations face to face or even on the telephone can be a refreshing way to communicate through “old school” means. I was so inspired by Sherry Turkle’s TED talk that I just had to write on this topic.  READ HERE

3. watch feel-good programs on YouTube: I guess you can say I am a little addicted to YouTube. Through this addiction, I have been able to sort through a lot of channels to get to the good positive programs on the site. I was really happy to be able to share three of them with you in this post: Stereotypes, SoulPancake and The Juicy Living Tour. READ HERE

4. laugh, laugh and laugh some more for your health’s sake: Laughter is truly the best medicine. I was able to find true health benefits of laughter as well as have a good laugh myself while searching all these funny clips for you to well…laugh! READ HERE

5. question everything: We forget to ask questions. When we were kids, we asked a million and one questions about any and everything. It was one of our favorite past times to bug our parents with a litany of inquiries. Sadly, we forget to do this as we get older because we think we know but what if we don’t know. What if? That’s just one in a series of questions I pose in this post.  READ HERE

6. validate your own wo/manhood: This is one of those posts that I hold near and dear to me because it comes from a very personal place. I’m still learning how to validate my womanhood and it’s an ongoing process that I sometimes struggle with yet enjoy at the same time. I’d like to think my higher self oftentimes speak through me in these posts and I read them to get the same advice as you do. We are all work in progress after all. READ HERE

7. share your talent with the world: The first full paragraph came to me while I was laying down about to go to bed. I couldn’t let this thought go so I typed it in my notes section on my iPhone and expanded the idea in the post. It was a lot of fun to write and it flowed so well. I guess that is how I share one of my talents with the world. :)  READ HERE

8. we don’t really care enough {ego check}: This might be my all-time favorite post on this site period. It was one of my most honest posts because I share my flaws with you right upfront. I did not want to come off as too preachy because I knew I needed this message just as much as everyone else. I thought if I shared my imperfections first than perhaps, readers would be more open to what I’ve written thereafter. I hope it worked.  READ HERE

9. create your own standards: I don’t know if you notice but I am always grappling with the meaning of power and freedom. In this post, I tap into this very subject that was inspired by a lovely song by Frank Ocean titled Read The StarsREAD HERE

10. ignore the surface for a second: Funny enough, this post was in a series of posts inspired by a clip of Jill Scott performing her poetry. There is a prose-y tone to the words that were reflective to Jill’s poetic ones. At the time, I was tired of people telling me their surface stories. Hell, I was tired of myself telling my own superficial story so I wrote this to let out my frustration in a positive, creative way.  READ HERE

My next Top 10 Favorites of 2012 will be from the ‘learn & love’ section. See you there. :)


learn & love: be okay with solitude

There is nothing wrong with being alone. I repeat, there is nothing wrong with being alone. Despite what society expects you to do, there is nothing wrong with being alone. Society wants you to be distracted all the time to the point that when you are alone, you feel awkward. Society wants you to be afraid when you are in solitude. Society wants you to not think  your own thoughts hence why society bombards you with messages that have absolutely nothing to do with your truths. Society clutters your life so well that you begin to think that their messages are your own messages which affects your external reality due to your inner confusion. Again, there is nothing wrong with being alone. Nothing wrong with you if you are in solitude. An active lifestyle does not necessarily mean going out all the time because if real conversations are not happening and real connections are not manifesting then illusions are being created. An active lifestyle does not necessarily mean always in the act of doing because in that case, you are not in the act of listening nor in the act of resting which are both very vital actions to take for a balanced life. There is nothing wrong with being in solitude. Please be okay with your solitude because being alone brings about awareness of your true self. Do not be afraid of this awareness. Awareness brings about change which brings about awakening which brings about higher frequency of energy which brings about internal power. Therefore, there is nothing wrong with being alone.


be active: consume less, share more

I used to tell people who would ask me if they should get A or B or C, to ask themselves if they truly need this in their lives today. The answer was 99.9% of the time “No” and they would proceed to put the item back. I even asked myself this on many occasions, sometimes listening to the honest answer and sometimes not.

In today’s age where advertising and marketing is in front of us whether we realize it or not, it is difficult for us to notice our materialistic ways and how much it affects our day to day lives and our value of ourselves and the world around us. Success has been skewed because of this phenomenon where, as singer Gotye states so well in his song, Eyes Wide Open, we think “to stop consuming is to stop being human.” In other words, that our human worth is based on the amount of objects that surround us–that it validates our human existence. The culture of business has gotten a hold of us and we are the best in keeping it going by consuming, consuming, consuming to cover up, cover up, cover up.

However, there is always a solution to a problem and with this problem, the solution is the easiest, hardest thing to do–consume less and share more. Instead of purchasing our problems away, share them with other humans, have honest conversations with ourselves and each other, create joyful moments together and play around with life–not with toys but with our God-given imaginations.

Can you imagine what the world would be like if this happened? Just try to. And then make it a reality, starting with you, starting with us.


learn & love: what is true power?

You got the power to let power go? – Kanye West

What is your definition of power? Is it based on others or self? If it is based on others, then ego is talking. Therefore, power is defined as having control over and/or possession of another person or a group of people. If it is based on self, the higher self is speaking. Power would then be define as having control over oneself through a resilient understanding of his or her true self–spiritual self, the self that goes beyond human flesh. So, I’ll repeat what Kanye said with a few inserts:

“You got the [spiritual] power to let [the ego-based] power go?”

Listen to the inspiration of this post HERE.


learn & love: your fear is your secret prayer

None of us purposely say a prayer in hopes for something bad to happen to us. Some of us may say a prayer hoping for something bad to happen to someone else but that’s another post for another day. Nevertheless, we typically do not say, “God, please make this war go on for longer and make sure my mom gets really ill and make sure I lose my job in a really terrible way.” However, we project negativity onto ourselves when we live in fear. The fear becomes a hidden prayer that is not even conscious to our thoughts but is alive and well in our lives.

In order to lessen or even prevent certain unnecessary fears, we can become mindful of what we think, say and do. Awareness is key to quiet the fear and to stop the prayer from being sent. It takes time and patience to do this but once we are aware of our actions, our minds and our bodies, we will be able to conquer fear’s power and gain our own spiritual power back to its rightful owners–us.


learn & love: recognize the god in you

We typically think that we have to give credit to an external God for all the good in us and all the good that surrounds us but no one asks the question–“Where does that leave us?” We tend to have an inferiority complex. We give all the power to something or someone outside of ourselves. It allows us to hand over responsibility of our lives to another person, entity, place or thing. It allows us to not face the incredible power we have innately. It allows us to dump our frustration and anger to someone or something else. It allows us to be less than because we are too insecure to see the Godliness in us.

Now, this is not a post about thinking you are a God that is higher than others and can easily control other people. No, this is a post about recognizing the God in you by appreciating the contribution you make in your own happiness and realizing the true spiritual power within you. By doing this, you are not only embracing your essence but you are also giving a silent thank you to God for the true creation you are inside.