be active: be peace in the end

your true self is like Picasso work of art-- "the face of peace"

your true self is like Picasso work of art– “the face of peace”

I thought about the end.
I thought about the feeling of freedom.
I thought about the discoveries that could be made.
Yes, I thought about the end.
I thought about the feeling of fear,
I thought about the miseries that would be made.

Depression can be a nice drug that drags us to the bottom of our soul. The deeper you go, the less you care. I think the “less you care” is the trippy high we feel while plummeting down to the wonders of the end. The tears try desperately to cleanse the wounded soul but it only ignites a never-ending stream of doubts, pities and self-created inflictions. The bed becomes a best friend that never needs to say anything, just absorbs the pain or tries to at least. Friends and families become a second thought and the only thought you have is “How can I make sense of this?”–whatever “this” is. It could be a person saying you’re ugly for the 11th time; it could be a close loved one transcending into a world of unknowns; it could be a societal expectation that you just could not measure up to; it could be the groundhog feeling of a routine life; it could be last night’s binge session; it could be the discovery of knowing “too much.” Whatever it is, you feel the fear and you wish for the freedom. You sometimes feel you cannot bear the fear and simply search for an answer to be free.

However, before you act out the end, may I make a suggestion?

Think about the end.
Think about the feeling of fear.
Think about all the little fears you will create with your end.
Think about it.
Do you really want to spread your depression around with one act that you cannot undo?
Besides, the end may not be the end and then what?
Think about the end.
Think about the feeling of freedom.
Think about all the discoveries right here on Earth.

You were created for a purpose. You are an inspiration waiting to happen. You can and will build upward from this situation. There are so many that have felt your pain and made a way towards freedom without leaving completely from this realm. You are loved. You are loved. You are loved. You are the creation of love. You are the creation of love. You are the creation of love. You are so powerful beyond measure. This society is so small compared to the vastness of life so please do not let this tiny structure turn you into a vapor in the vastness. You are divine. You may not believe me now but you are. Discover these beliefs while in the womb of Mother.

Yes, I understand.
I was there.
And now I am here.
I am filling my heart with peace.
And you can do the exact same.
No, I am not perfect.
And guess what? None of us are perfect.
Or perhaps, we are perfect the way we are with jagged edges.
We are like a Picasso drawing.
Abstractly striking.
Not everyone will get us.
Their ignorance never diminishes our legacy.
Our spirit is too strong for these minute moments of sorrow.
Feel the feelings and then get up and get on with it.
We can do this. We can live this life. We are living it right now. We knew this before we got here.
In and out.
And look around you.
You created this masterpiece.
Soak in the joys of your magnificence.
And just be.
Because I know you will be alright
and your end will be a sign of peace
rather than a sign of sorrow.

be active: my top 10 favorite ‘be active’ posts of 2012

SunflowerHead (1024x630)As I’ve stated in previous posts, The Jolyn Project’s 3 year anniversary is coming up and I am celebrating it by sharing my top ten favorite posts from each section. Today, it is all about the ‘be active’ section.

My Top 10 Favorite ‘be active’ Posts of 2012

1. meet a stranger, make a friend: Oh how we forget that strangers are only strange to us if we allow them to be in our lives. Typically, we do not really think twice about meeting new people as kids but as we grow up, we become jaded adults, always guarded, always afraid. Perhaps, if there were huge containers of colorful balls everywhere around the world, this world would be a much more friendlier place. If this sounds crazy to you, then perhaps you’ll get it after reading the post.  READ HERE

2. have a real conversation with someone: In the world of iPhones, iPads and internet, there is a distance between each other but yet a bridge to each other. In this strange dichotomy of communication, conversations appear real but somewhere in the inter-webs, the connection seems to get lost. Having real conversations face to face or even on the telephone can be a refreshing way to communicate through “old school” means. I was so inspired by Sherry Turkle’s TED talk that I just had to write on this topic.  READ HERE

3. watch feel-good programs on YouTube: I guess you can say I am a little addicted to YouTube. Through this addiction, I have been able to sort through a lot of channels to get to the good positive programs on the site. I was really happy to be able to share three of them with you in this post: Stereotypes, SoulPancake and The Juicy Living Tour. READ HERE

4. laugh, laugh and laugh some more for your health’s sake: Laughter is truly the best medicine. I was able to find true health benefits of laughter as well as have a good laugh myself while searching all these funny clips for you to well…laugh! READ HERE

5. question everything: We forget to ask questions. When we were kids, we asked a million and one questions about any and everything. It was one of our favorite past times to bug our parents with a litany of inquiries. Sadly, we forget to do this as we get older because we think we know but what if we don’t know. What if? That’s just one in a series of questions I pose in this post.  READ HERE

6. validate your own wo/manhood: This is one of those posts that I hold near and dear to me because it comes from a very personal place. I’m still learning how to validate my womanhood and it’s an ongoing process that I sometimes struggle with yet enjoy at the same time. I’d like to think my higher self oftentimes speak through me in these posts and I read them to get the same advice as you do. We are all work in progress after all. READ HERE

7. share your talent with the world: The first full paragraph came to me while I was laying down about to go to bed. I couldn’t let this thought go so I typed it in my notes section on my iPhone and expanded the idea in the post. It was a lot of fun to write and it flowed so well. I guess that is how I share one of my talents with the world. :)  READ HERE

8. we don’t really care enough {ego check}: This might be my all-time favorite post on this site period. It was one of my most honest posts because I share my flaws with you right upfront. I did not want to come off as too preachy because I knew I needed this message just as much as everyone else. I thought if I shared my imperfections first than perhaps, readers would be more open to what I’ve written thereafter. I hope it worked.  READ HERE

9. create your own standards: I don’t know if you notice but I am always grappling with the meaning of power and freedom. In this post, I tap into this very subject that was inspired by a lovely song by Frank Ocean titled Read The StarsREAD HERE

10. ignore the surface for a second: Funny enough, this post was in a series of posts inspired by a clip of Jill Scott performing her poetry. There is a prose-y tone to the words that were reflective to Jill’s poetic ones. At the time, I was tired of people telling me their surface stories. Hell, I was tired of myself telling my own superficial story so I wrote this to let out my frustration in a positive, creative way.  READ HERE

My next Top 10 Favorites of 2012 will be from the ‘learn & love’ section. See you there. :)

be inspired: my top 10 favorite ‘be inspired’ posts of 2012

I decided to do something a little different this year. I decided to celebrate my 3 year anniversary (which will be on December 24th) with a little reminiscing.  For this week, I am going to post my top ten favorite posts of 2012 for each section. First up is the ‘be inspired’ section.

My Top 10 Favorite ‘be inspired’ Posts of 2012

1. cuts and bruises: I really enjoy the simplicity of it. It’s one of my shortest ‘be inspired’ posts but in my personal opinion, one of my strongest as well. READ HERE

2. osho on love: One quote can change your whole perspective. This quote did just that. Love is never bankrupt. It makes sense, right? But how many times are we afraid of “losing love”? This is a great reminder of love’s endless supply. READ HERE

3. the power of music: This beautiful story was captured so magically that I had to post it on my site. It truly shows the spiritual power of music. READ HERE

4. in metaphor: I was walking down the street one day and I saw this guy walking backwards. This metaphor popped in my head. I like it hence why it’s on this list. READ HERE

5. technicolor testimony: The creative writer in me is just happy I was able to sneak a poem in this section. That’s all. READ HERE

6. it couldn’t be done: It’s a poem by Edgar Guest with an image of Jack Johnson. Just look at it and it will all makes sense why I love this post so much. READ HERE

7. the red table talk: It’s one conversation I wish all families would have with each other. I think this world would be much better if everyone sat at the red table. READ HERE

8. true honors: I had to share this touching story. It truly speaks what this blog is all about–LOVE. READ HERE

9. bpk {backpack kids} = self-love: I will admit that I may be a little bias on this one. I truly have love for these guys. I got the chance to meet two of the founding members of bpk — Austin Brown and Tommy Parker and they are two down-to-earth, humble guys who truly exemplify their message of self-love and they are also incredibly talented. READ HERE

10. art uplifts and brightens north philly: What can I say? It’s something positive and artistic in my hometown. That is some local LOVE. READ HERE

be active: free your love

It’s your body.
It’s your life.
It’s your love.

Share it with whomever you’d like.

Love holds no boundaries.
Love has no judgments.
Love is no prison.

Be honest and free with yourself.

No need to be scared to love.
Free the fear and live the love.
Love the light and be the love.

be active: read a poetry book

Remember poetry? That wonderful genre of literature where words could be fragmented to convey an emotion, a time period, a place, a person or an anything? Words that were silent but loudly spoken in the minds who read it? Words that became the foundation of lyrical play in music? Did you forget the good feeling of those poetic words? Pick up a book of that lost art form and get lost in its beauty. If you need some help figuring out where to start, then allow me to help you navigate through the terrain of written words with my current three poetic picks.

1) 21 pages of 7 poems seem to be a numerologist’s dream but perhaps this coincidence means Kymberly Keeton was meant to write this lovely poetry book titled SOUL Alive! Poetry & Prose. Written in a staccato fashion with starts and stops between poetry and proses, the author somehow dives into a variety of topics seamlessly from romantic love to her Southern roots to race relations. Don’t let the size fool you, this small book packs a mean punch of poetry. It is also a great piece to go back into the poetic world with relative ease. Book will be coming out very soon. I will update once it’s released. // A Favorite: Thinking About My Southern Harlem

2) 7 seems to continue to be the lucky number so far because Yashi Brown, poetess, author, public speaker, mental health advocate, singer-songwriter and my second poetry pick, published 77 poems in her book, Black Daisy In A White Limousine. Her eloquent voice is almost heard through the pages, allowing the words placement to be the conductor of its pace. Going from fast lyrical flows to slow steady beats, the rhythm of her spoken word is uttered without ever saying a word. This book is wonderful for those of you who enjoy Def Poetry Jam and open mic nights or those of you who need something to read that can relate to your highs and lows and in betweens when it comes to your emotional scenes. Maybe her words can also inspire yours to come out and play. // A Favorite: Where Our Minds Can Go

3) Numerical coincidences end here but poetry spreads across cultural and time lines with From Totems To Hip Hop. Edited by Ishmael Reed, this anthology explores poetry in the Americas from the 1900’s to the 200o’s, showcasing an eclectic group of poets’ work. Ranging from T.S. Elliot to Tupac Shakur, this collection provides a refreshing variety of styles and topics that can get anyone interested in poetry again. // A Favorite: Woman by Ina Coolbrith

If these three options are just not enough for you and your literary eyes, then check out more poetry books HERE.

learn & love: date. mate. fate.


How real is your dating life? Do you find yourself treating your first date like a job interview? You dress up. You say all the things you think the other person wants to hear. You even lie or hide certain facts about yourself. You try to avoid awkward silences as much as possible. You shift around uncomfortably trying to adjust to that comfort level with a mere stranger. Do you end up doing all of this or some of this all for the grand winning prize of a mate or at the very least, a date #2?


Let’s say you win the grand prize and you are enjoying the company of this other person. How are you acting and how is the other person reacting? Are you seeing the person or are you seeing who you wish the person to be? Ignore certain character flaws and red flags? Asking your friends a million questions about your mate’s intentions without ever asking that person what his or her intentions are? Or do you ask about his or her intentions and question their answer because it does not align with what you expected or wanted the answer to be? Do you spend all your time together to the point where you two become one and the same losing your “individualities” in the process? Do you show off the other to friends and family? Have arguments emerged and more questions arise about the source of frustration, anger and maybe even guilt? Are there great make up sessions and all is forgiven but never forgotten? Do you communicate to one another like two friends would? Do you even remember the friend part in boyfriend or girlfriend? Is it all about sex, sex and more sex? Is making love an option?


Marriage occurs. Honeymoon happens. Back to a two-bedroom apartment/condo/home with your committed mate–the one with the ring on. You two sleep in the same bed, drink from the same cup, write with the same pen but look across from each other and see a complete stranger. How could this happen? It could happen for a number of reasons. For starters, you could have been looking to fill the void of love within by seeking a mate, totally forgetting the most important part of a healthy relationship: self-love. Secondly, the dates could have been mere mirages and illusions. Authenticity could have been thrown out the window and the two of you played a game with love instead of really living in love. Once the games faded, arguments occurred, flaws poked out like sore thumbs and there was a choice–either to end it at this point or to stay with acceptance.  If you chose acceptance, chances are the choice was  not based on unconditional love but a conditioning of a-white-picket-fence-two-kids-and-a-dog pipe dream. Thirdly, the fairytale of a marriage ceremony could have been more important than the reality of the relationship so once the high of marriage faded, the truth came to the surface–you were trying to fill a void of love that only you can fill–no other human being is capable of filling it for you, no knight in shiny armor, no princess in a pretty dress, no one. In this type of relationship, the mate is merely be an illusion of internal love. Sadly, this illusion of love is often believed by many because so many people follow social doctrine that dictates what is expected and accepted between two mates from start to finish. What most people do not realize is that this social doctrine is not based on unconditional love but everlasting fear. That fear starts with the first date–the fear of rejection. The fear keeps going into the mating phase–the fear of being alone and again into the marriage–the fear of failure. Love moves away where fear resides so the question remains:

Where is the love in this relationship?

Fortunately, we all have the choice of gaining self-love and once this happens, we can finally find another to share that organic love with, which is one of the most harmonious experiences in life. We, first, have to be really honest with the relationships we put ourselves in and understand why we are in these types of relationships to begin with. It all starts from childhood where we watched cartoons that told us to wait for someone to save us from ourselves. This savior-mentality is also played in government, religion and many other social entities. The romantic love relationship is just one facet of a very layered and complex issue but the remedy to this issue is pretty simple–love self first in order to love others abundantly so that we can date, mate and meet a freeing fate of unconditional love.

give: a little patience

the universe cannot  shift and move
the whole world for you
even if the whole world is one

a little patience
is all that’s needed

a little patience
is all that’s needed

the free will cannot bend nor mend
the fated transactions for you
even if  fate is one

a little patience
is all that’s needed

a little patience
is all that’s needed

the game cannot be beat nor in defeat
in a checkerboard of ever changing rules
even if the checkerboard is one

a little patience
is all that’s needed

a little patience
is all that’s needed

be inspired: god is love & devil is tough love


that is you

no matter how you are presented

you are truth






light in the eye

light in the day

light is love

love is


you are me

i am you

we are inclusive

wrapped tightly

in a spiral

that delivers our material

our persona

our character

our individuality

our identity

what i feel

you love

even if it speaks

in 7 deadly tones

you hear 7 heavenly


power is the



that is