be active: know you are a star too

We all pay attention and admire at least one celebrity. It may be a faint admiration or a full out obsession but whatever the case may be, we are all guilty of this to one extreme or another. However, many of us forget our own star status. Sure, we do not have the huge fan bases, the paparazzi following us (who wants that anyway?) or all the publicly displayed accolades but we are still stars in our own right, in our own way. If you are flipping burgers at a fast food restaurant, you are doing a service for so many people that so few appreciate but please know you help someone’s day flow a little simpler because you cook for him or her so that makes you a star. If you are a janitor, you do something that many of us could not do and that’s clean all day so please know that your contribution to society is valuable and you are a star. If you are a full time mother or father, you do the hardest and most important job in the world and that’s raising and rising another human being to self-confidence, self-acceptance and independence so you are a star. Take pride in what you do and be honorable in your duties. This may not be your set career. This may not be your first job choice. This may be the most stressful job you’ve ever had but please know that this is just step to another plateau. Whatever the case may be, please be reminded that you, too, are a star and you do not need any material items to indicate your status. YOU are a star for being who YOU are.

In fact, you do not even need a job. It is not about what you do but who you ARE. As Deepak Chopra said, you are a human being, “not a human doing or a human thinking” so just relax within your “being-ness” and let society think what they want to think about you because at the end of the day, it is not about their opinions and judgments. It is about you and your worth and trust me, you are worthy for the mere existence of you is awesome.

So today, if you are feeling inferior to anyone else–celebrity or not, please do me a big favor and remind yourself that you are a star; you do matter; you are important; and most importantly, you are loved. You don’t need any validation from anyone to know and own your worth. So go ahead and be yourself, a superstar and let your inner light shine through for the world to see how amazingly brilliant you truly are. We may not physically be able to see you but we will be able to feel your positive energy, inspiring us along the way.  That is what truly makes a star.